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Beer Cap Curling™ is a unique game experience that brings the strategy and finesse of curling to your table top or living room. Simple to set up, easy to play, tough to master... competitive, exciting and addictive, it's bound to be the next gaming sensation for beer drinkers everywhere!


Curling collectible, perfect gift, or addictive part of your weekend... whether you are familiar with curling or not, Beer Cap Curling™ is an easy and fun game to pick up and play with friends.


Beer Cap Curling™ is a profitable product for Beer Vendors, Curling or Golf Clubs, and Bars & Restaurants! Please check 'THE PRODUCT' to find out more, or email info@beercapcurling.com for wholesale information.


Important updates to the official rules and strategies of Beer Cap Curling™ are available by clicking 'THE GAME'.


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Don't Drink and Drive

Please drink responsibly.

Don't drink and drive!




All materials printed in Canada


The 2nd Edition of Beer Cap Curling™ will be available soon...


New teams!

New designs!

Improved rules and strategies!

Tougher, slicker game sheets!


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