Beer Cap Curling™:

Game of strategy & finesse!


-- Play with 2 players, or make teams with 4 or more people and take turns sliding - decide carefully who gets to be the skip and shoot last!




-- Cut open the plastic tube at one end (you can roll the board back up into the tube and dump your beer caps in for storage until the next time you play).


-- Collect 12 beer caps to assemble 2 Beer Cap Curling™ teams. There are 6 inaugural Beer Cap Curling™ teams to choose from - 2 included in each Game Set :


Mad Maples

Mad Maples


Toothy Toques

Toothy Toques


Macho Medals

Macho Medals


Red Hot Rocks

Red Hot Rocks


Buff Brooms

Buff Brooms






-- Place 2 beer bottles on the 2 back corners of the Game Sheet to keep it flat. Place 1 more bottle at the front end - on the left side if you throw right-handed; on the right if you throw left-handed.


-- Flip a cap and call heads or tails in the air. Whoever wins the toss chooses to shoot first or last to begin the game.








Don't Drink and Drive

Please drink responsibly

Don't drink and drive!

Read the Official

Rules & Strategy Guide:



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Important Official Rules Updates


-- Free Guard Zone Rule: Players cannot throw Blasts (take-outs) with their first 2 shots of each end unless they are aimed at an opponent's cap that is inside or touching a part of the House. If a cap is illegally blasted off the sheet, it is replaced as accurately as possible, while the cap that knocked it out is removed.


-- Any and all caps that ricochet off either of the back 2 beer bottles and remain on the game sheet are still

considered IN PLAY.


-- A cap is considered out of play only if it has slid entirely off the edge of the game sheet. Caps that lie halfway off the game sheet are NOT removed from play.


-- If after 6 ends the score is tied, a single playoff end is played to determine the winner. Whoever scored for the 6th end shoots first for the playoff.



Differences from the Sport of Curling:


-- Each team slides 6 caps (instead of 8 rocks) per end.


-- A Beer Cap Curling™ match lasts 6 ends (instead of 8-10).


-- Each team comes complete with a 'Money Cap' sticker, which is worth 2 points if it scores for an end, and which can be played anytime during each end.


-- You can't bend shots around guards, but you can change up the angles and shoot from anywhere between the two red bumper zones.


-- Caps that bounce off the beer bottles at the back of the Game Sheet can wind up in unexpected places. The bottles can also be used to skillfully ricochet in behind a blocked house.


-- Because of these differences, strategies for Beer Cap Curling™ vary from that of real curling. Keep playing and figure out what works for you!